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ad::Pose Struct Reference

A skeletal pose. More...

#include <animation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Pose (unsigned int numBones)
 Construct a Pose with enough space for numBones.
 ~Pose ()
 Destroy the Pose.
void SetPoseFromSlerp (const Pose &from, const Pose &to, float weight, HiBoneMask *optionalMask=0)
 Set the pose from interpolating two other poses.

Public Attributes

unsigned int numBones
 dynamic array
 an alias for bones[0]
Vector3 keyframeVelocity
 This vector represents the offset of the root bone from the previous frame to the current.

Detailed Description

A skeletal pose.

This contains a Transform for every bone in a skeleton.

See also:
ad::Transform, ad::Anim

Member Function Documentation

void ad::Pose::SetPoseFromSlerp const Pose from,
const Pose to,
float  weight,
HiBoneMask optionalMask = 0

Set the pose from interpolating two other poses.

Generate this pose by spherically-linearly interpolating between the poses from and to. This, the from, and the to poses, should all be generated from the same Hierarchy.

from The source from pose
to The source to pose
weight In the range of 0 to 1, this value specifies how much to interpolate from the from pose to the to pose.
optionalMask This parameter is optional and takes a pointer to a HiBoneMask. When this is used, only the bones selected are interpolated and stored over the current pose. Bones not selected will not be affected in this pose.

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