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ad::HiBoneMask Class Reference

Hierarchial bone selection mask. More...

#include <animation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HiBoneMask (Hierarchy *hierarchy, const std::string &selections)
 Create a mask from a hierarchy and a selection string.
 ~HiBoneMask ()
 Destroy the mask.

Public Attributes

bool * mask
 dynamically allocated

Detailed Description

Hierarchial bone selection mask.

This is used to select a set of bones. This can then be used with other functions to limit the calculations to only the selected set of bones.

See also:
ad::BlendBase::Calculate(), ad::AnimPlayer::Calculate(), ad::Blend::Calculate(), ad::Pose::SetPoseFromSlerp()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ad::HiBoneMask::HiBoneMask Hierarchy hierarchy,
const std::string &  selections

Create a mask from a hierarchy and a selection string.

When you select a bone to be either on or off, all of its children inherit that same state unless they are set directly.

hierarchy The hierarchy to make the selection mask from.
selections This string should be formatted as a list of bones that change state.
"boneName1 [0 or 1] boneName2 [0 or 1] ..."
  • For example: "pelvis 1 spine1 0"
    • assuming that pelvis is the name of the root bone, and spine1 is the name of the first bone of the upper body, this will select the entire skeleton, except for the upper body. Which, in a standard biped, would be the lower body.

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