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Animadead Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ad::AnimTop animation data structure
ad::AnimCacherLoads and caches an animation
ad::AnimPlayerPlays animations
ad::BlendHierarchial blend node
ad::BlendBasePure virtual base class for blend hierarchies
ad::Face3-sided polygon
ad::HiBoneA node in a Hierarchy
ad::HiBoneMaskHierarchial bone selection mask
ad::HierarchyMaintains relational information between bones
std::map< Key, T >Fake STL map class
ad::MatrixRepresents 3D Transformations
ad::MeshTop mesh data structure
ad::MeshCacherLoads and caches meshes by filename
ad::ModelMain interface
ad::PoseA skeletal pose
ad::QuaternionStores a 3D rotation, free of gimbal lock
std::set< T >Fake STL set class
ad::StringTokenizerParse a string into a vector of tokens
ad::SuperVertexInterleaved vertex
ad::SurfaceChunk of a mesh associated with one material
ad::TransformBone orientation and placement infomation
ad::UserFunctionBase class for a user-definable function
std::vector< T >Fake STL vector class
ad::Vector33-Component vector

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