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ad::BlendBase Class Reference

Pure virtual base class for blend hierarchies. More...

#include <animation.h>

Inherited by ad::AnimPlayer, and ad::Blend.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Calculate (Pose *out_pose, HiBoneMask *optionalMask=0)=0

Detailed Description

Pure virtual base class for blend hierarchies.

You can inherit from this base class and define the Calculate function to generate a Pose at runtime for your derived class. Then you can use ad::Blend to create create a blend between your class and any other class that inherits from this base class.
Some example usages could be:

  • Calculate the pose from rag-doll physics.
  • Create a custom blend function that works like ad::Blend but uses 3 or more source poses and perhaps even does cubic interpolation.
  • Create some AI that controls bone rotations directly to generate a pose.

There are many possibilities, and perhaps future versions of animadead will come with more default uses. This would be an excellent way to implement IK.

See also:
ad::Blend, ad::AnimPlayer, ad::HiBoneMask

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ad::BlendBase::Calculate Pose out_pose,
HiBoneMask optionalMask = 0
[pure virtual]

If no optionalMask is used, this function should calculate the pose for all bones. If a mask is used, only the bones in the selection should be affected in the out_pose.

out_pose This parameter should be allocated before calling this calculate function, and the result is stored in this Pose.

Implemented in ad::AnimPlayer, and ad::Blend.

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